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founded in 2008, is an emerging socio-cultural forum based at Indirapuram, NCR, India. Established by a group of residents charged with firm commitment, religious faith and traditional grandeur, Prantic aims to preserve and promote Bengali arts, music, language, literature, cuisine, culture and history. We are actively involved in organizing cultural events, religious festivals, educational and social activities which provide exposure to rich Indian heritage. We also support various social cause for better living. We aim:
  • to renew festive spirits, through celebrations of Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja, Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja and other Pujas.
  • to bring the community together through various social events like Annual Picnic, Poila Boisakh (Bengali New year) and other activities/gatherings.
  • to promote culture by organizing Rabindra-Nazrul Jayanti.
  • to actively engage in Community Service in the fields of health care, literacy training, social services, neighborhood and community improvement under Prantic Social Responsibilty Programme.
We encourage and expose younger generation to our heritage and culture. Prantic is always at the helm of umpteen creativity and adds a feather to their cap with innovative ideas and socio-cultural contribution. In our mission to promote a harmonious blend of diverse culture and rich values with today? hi-tech, fast-paced, success-driven way of life, we welcome people from every sections of the society who wants to share the bond and warmth together. We seek to build a great neighbourhood and provide a social platform to all our members.

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Durga Puja 2016
Durga Puja 2016
Bharat Parv 2016
Bharat Parv
Boi Mela
Boi Mela
Rabindra-Jayanti 2016
Rabindra-Nazrul Jayanti