Maa Durga Arrival – The untold story ……

Posted by: | Posted on: November 1, 2017

It was Saturday, Tritiya, intermittent rain spoiling the festive spirit of Puja. Sun and cloud busy in playing hide and seek without paying any attention to the devotees. Everyone in Prantic tensed as our effort to bring Ma Durga to puja pandal the previous day failed because of heavy downpour. Discussion and deliberation with the team did not yield any result as no one could judge the mood of VarunDev.

Around 11 AM, I received a call from Tapanda. In a very straightforward voice he asks me “Sanjiban, tumi ki chao ? Maa ke kokhon anbo ?”. With murmuring voice I replied “Tapanda, kichui je bujhte parchi na….”. He stopped me and said with a firm voice “Ma ke niye aaschi. Tumi bristir jonyo chinta koro na. Sob byabostha hoye jabe. Tumi sobaike janiye dao”. I kept wandering about the idol as the rain can play havoc at any moment. Around 9 PM, I reached pandal eagerly waiting to welcome Maa Durga. An unknown anxiety (Ombrophobia  !!!) has already gripped me.

As the truck carrying the idol entered the pandal, to my disbelief, I found all idols entirely covered with rainproof materials. They are totally wrapped with rainproof polythene from head to toe. It looked that Maa Durga was wearing an additional set of clothes over her gorgeous dress. Not a single drop of rain could have touched her even incase of heavy downpour. After placing all the idols, Tapanda came to me. Put an arm in my shoulder and said “Ki, Maa ke thik thak niye ashlam toh?. Bristi amader kichu korte parto na. Amader sobar upore je Mayer ashirbad aache”. I could only see his glittering eyes behind the high powered specs. Perhaps, it was tears of Joy, tears of pride, tears of Love for all of us.

Thank you Tapanda (Basu). Thank you Saurabh Das Poddar and team!!!

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