Technocrat of Love !!

Posted by: | Posted on: November 2, 2017

A little exhausted and tired, returned home late in nabami night without thinking much of the next day arrangement. Next morning reached pandal around 11.30 AM.

On reaching the puja bedi, I was absolutely stunned to see the magnificent arrangement. The stand and tables that were used to put up the big LED screens outside our puja pandal has been placed near Durga idol so that women devotees can touch Maa Durga’s face and carry out the “Thakur boron” rituals standing on a stage.  The iron stair case that was placed in the green room at cultural arena has also been brought to facilitate climbing to the stage. Moreover, bamboo railings were added alongwith the stairs to make it safe and trouble free climbing.

Curious to find out and acknowledge the engineering skills and its superb execution of the person who has made such wonderful arrangements, I hear a soft voice from behind  “Sanjiban, Ki dekcho? Arrangement ta bhalo hoyni ?”. Before I could turn and reply,  the voice continued  “Sobai Maa ke ekbar sesh barer jonyo chuthe chay. Abar ek bochor por amra Maa ke sporsho korte parbo. Tai sokal bela eshe eei ekta ‘chotto kaj’ Korlam”.

I looked at her but fumbled to find words to acknowledge her such big hearted effort. Her love and dedication towards Prantic made me speechless. Looking at her caring eyes I could only whisper in her ears  “Love you SUTAPA BOUDI, Prantic Loves You !!!”.

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