Bengali Durga Pooja is Bong Pet Pooja (Gastronomical Extravaganza)

Posted by: | Posted on: November 3, 2017

Contributed By: Ms. Atasi Patra , HRC

Bengal is a land of richly endowed with literature, culture and deep heritage. Its land takes on golden hue when the rice crop is ready for harvesting, earning it the sobriquet of “Sonar Bangla”. The mangrove forests of Bengal plays host to some of the most magnificent specimens of tiger. But to me, and many more food fetish bong, ”Khhado Rasik Bangali”, her most cherished treasure is her elaborate cuisines.

This article is a heart-rending write-up for me, tugging at all the nostalgic nerves that I have in my soul. It has taken me long to congregate my thoughts – to explain about Bongs and their crazy appetite.

The rest of India celebrates Navaratri at the same time as Bengalis celebrate Durga Pooja. Both the festivals are about worshiping the Goddess in her myriad forms. But as far as gastronomy is concerned Bong appetite and appetite of the rest of the country are poles apart during these period. The people of rest of India either fast or become fruit-o-holic (Bengalis ‘say Falahar) during this time. But for us Bongs, we celebrate food-o-holic extravaganza.

Day starts with special breakfast like fulko luchi and chholardal (poori with chana dal) or radhaballabi (poori stuffed with lentil paste and dash of ginger and asofotida) and aaloor dam. Ends with numerous junk food from street vendors or ones favourite restaurant. Every individual would be craving for fish fry, various forms of cutlet or rolls to multicourse lunch and dinner.

Bongs have created a Mutton recipe which is, as per them, vegetarian in nature (“Niramish Mangsho”, a mutton dish without garlic and onion). I am 100% sure whoever is reading my post, other than a Bengali, must be either laughing or thinking me to be psychopath. How can meat be a veg thing and poor garlic and onion be categorised as non-veg……….friends these are the “Khhado Rasik Bangali”.

This festival I strongly believe is of sentiment and home coming, people staying away from home find time to visit their abode even from abroad, happiness prevails. Annapurna is the form of Parvati who blesses the household with nutriment is worshiped. Durga with her four children comes to her paternal house at this time of the year….that is daughter is coming to meet her mom and dad so it’s a feast for us. Happy people are hungry people. Bongs are mostly Well Read, Happy and Hungry people. So Durga Pooja is synonymous to pate Pooja for bongs. Making Headlines!!!

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