Durga Puja Celebrations at Prantic Cultural Society 2017

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Contributed By: Ms. Tanushree Chakraborty, Charms Solitaire

To that goddess who abides in all beings as power, Salutations & Prayers to You!”

We Bengalis are the worshippers of Shakti, better known to us as Goddess Durga. From our childhood we are taught to bow our heads in front of her in prayers. Every autumn is looked forward to by each Bengali with lots of hopes and aspirations. The ‘Pujo’ feeling is a magical sensation which is incomparable to any other worldly joys. We wait each year for the home coming of our Maa and submerge ourselves in merrymaking with such grandeur that everything else seems insignificant!

Prantic recreated this magic for us, marking their 9th year of Durga Puja Celebrations in 2017. A home away from home is what describes Prantic in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad the best! The community takes pride in Bengal’s rich cultural heritage and the next generation was passionately engaged to promote these thoughts! The ever welcoming and warm Prantic Management organized this year’s Puja on the same note! ‘Our Heritage Our Pride’ was this year’s theme and Artist Tapas from Bengal was sought after to build a huge Zamindar Bari as Maa’s Puja Mandap showcasing different shades of Bengal’s art, architecture and Bengali culture. With a gramophone at the corner and the Chau Masks adorning the walls, the pandal was a huge mansion of our beloved mother and became our home for the Devi Paksha days.

Preparations began from almost a year ahead to welcome the mother to our abode. From buying new clothes and matching accessories to gifts for friends and relatives, we did everything to keep the festive fervor alive. Rehearsals for dance, drama and singing began three to four months in advance in sync with the cultural programs which were presented to a house full of packed audience! Meeting friends during rehearsals and catching up with them on some gossip and refreshments made us yearn for the Adda during Puja Days even more.

The excitement began from Chathurti evening with the Navratri Mela, where a Food & Dance Competition was held for neighborhood societies. This encouraged the fact that everyone irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion was welcome to participate in the Puja events and add value to it.

Panchami saw all us members gearing up for the Anando Mela and fragrances of the Bengali delicacies filled the atmosphere. Feasting for most of us Bengalis began from that very day with most of the food gobbled or packed for dinner. Fun began with the Prantic’s Sera Bouthan game which was open for all Prantic Boudis. Shosti, the 6th day of Devi Paksha, saw mothers observing fast for their kids and Puhspanjali offerings to the Devi, followed by a sumptuous Bhog for followers. Food stalls were put up outside by Vendors having a range of mouthwatering dishes to gorge upon in the evening. Birendra Krishna Bhadra’s magnetic voice which entices every Bengali and binds us close to our roots and the transistor on every Mahalaya morning, was recreated by Prantic Members as they gave a marvelous Agamoni performance. Prantic kiddos gave an equally stunning presentation of a Tagore drama, Sampatti Samrpon. Amrita Dutta an eminent playback singer made us dance to hit Bengali and Hindi numbers.

The morning of Maha Saptami saw a musical chair game, followed by Kotha Kichu and JAM. The cultural fiesta gripped its fists even more tightly with children / toddlers of Prantic Members shaking their legs to “Dhaker Tale Komor Dole”, followed by a drama of Manoj Mitra, “Aain Be Line!” The main attraction of the evening was however a band show by Bhoomi mesmerizing the ordains with Bengali folk music. Maha Astami saw Maha Pushpanjali as packs of people gathered in front of Maa Durga to seek her blessings followed by Maha Bhoj in the afternoon. A drawing competition for the kids and a quiz show were the main attractions of the morning cultural show. Dhunuchi Nrityo and Raaga based melodies by Prantic Members marked the onset of the cultural program for the evening. Jolly Mukherjee presented his bouquet of famous Bollywood numbers to make us sway to his tunes.

Maha Nabami in the morning saw a recitation competition and a game show on songs called Gan Point for Prantic members. A rock band show by PrancStars followed by Rabindro Fusion Dance by Prantic Ladies and Kids, recitation with dance by reputed Sutapa Bandopadhay and Bollywood and Tollywood numbers by Soumen Choudhary marked an eventful Nabami Night. By the time people called it a day, it was already 3 AM in the morning. It was with heavy hearts that we woke up on Dashami. Maa’s biday bela was here and ladies collected in front of Maa with their boron dalas. As soon as the Sindoor was offered to Maa, ladies smeared vermillion on each other’s faces celebrating the essence of victory.

Post the farewell, all members accumulated for the Bijaya Sammelani in the evening, wishing each other a Subho Bijaya and dining together with Misti Mukh marking an end to the year long wait and the festivities. “Asche Bochor Abar Hobe” echoed across the pandal reminding us of all the entertainment, enjoyment and pleasure we had in these past days.

The divine mother’s annual visit to her father’s home in the Himalayas calls for a majestic celebration each year and Prantic is committed to making it even more splendid. Bolo Durga Mai ki Jai!

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