It’s more than what meets the eye

Posted by: | Posted on: November 3, 2017

Contributed By: Ms. Anupama Sarkar, Amrapali Royal

It’s been a while since we at Prantic celebrated the Sharodiye Utsob – 2017 with full pomp and show and today when I sit back and reflect on the days that passed by, I feel nostalgic, ecstatic, mesmerized and overwhelmed, all at the same time because when I look back at the series of events that we’d presented during the course of the five days (from Chaturthi – Dashami) I find myself completely dumbstruck at the magnanimity of it all.

The exquisiteness of the Pandal and the serenity of the daily Pujo followed by a series of vivacious cultural programs each day, not only brought in the festivity and fun, but it also showcased how effectively we could manage to put forth a show that had left all those who came and saw completely awe struck, many were heard saying that it was completely ‘Magical’.

Well well, so was it magic really? To a beholder’s eye it may seem like it, but we all know the kind of efforts that go in to create an event that is as ‘Majestic’ as the Durga Puja at Prantic.

It all starts with the members gearing up for the groundwork as early as 3 months prior to the event, there are numerous things that one needs to take care of, starting from finalizing the venue to looping in expert pandal makers from Kolkata, from finalizing the theme of the Pujo to finding the right sponsors, from funds collections to finalizing the idol at the Kumartuli, from finalizing the various in – house programs to bringing on board the external artists, from the gruelling rehearsals day in and out to finalizing the costumes and stage decorations, from daily pujo preparations to finalizing the bhog menu the tasks seem to be never-ending and exhausting.

All of this happens in the background and what meets the eye is the final product of the endless toil and labour that is put in without any conspicuous benefit in sight, however inconspicuously we all know that in the end what we achieve is an immense sense of pleasure, pride and happiness that binds us more closely with each passing day, when we sit back and enjoy during pujo, all the efforts seem to be totally worth it and on the last day when we bid a teary eyed farewell to MAA, we all just pray and wish for the coming year to quickly pass by because ‘ aashchce bochor aabar hobe‘.

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